Note: Mailsmith is no longer under active development. It will not be upgraded for 64-bit macOS compatibility. Future features or bug fixes are not in any way guaranteed to happen.

Contacting Technical Support

We are not currently providing one-to-one technical support for Mailsmith. If you have a question or are encountering a problem, please join the Mailsmith google group and post your question there. (It’s a good idea to search the group first, to see whether your issue has already been addressed.)

(Please note: Although we do our best to respond quickly, we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe for replying to inquiries.)

There is no charge for technical assistance.

Any email you send us is protected by our privacy policy.

Important: About the Use of Challenge-Response Spam Filters

Please note that if you or your ISP uses a “challenge-response” spam filter (one in which the sender gets an automated “challenge” and must submit a correct “response” in order for you to receive your message), our reply to your inquiry will be delayed (at the very least) or won’t reach you at all.

Before sending us mail, either directly or through one of our contact forms, please add the appropriate email address to your spam filter’s “white list” to ensure that you receive our reply.